The King of Thrash Justin Poole

I am the King of Thrash, Justin Poole. I write tales of love, life, lust and the occasional gunfight.
I am an explorer in a time with no frontiers

I promise I am still alive.

There will be poetry and stories soon

but for now I need to focus on the real world.

You’re all beautiful 

Watch my bands music video.  Taped live at Thrashamania 3.  I am the King of Thrash and the GREATEST frontman in rock and roll.

My band is going to star in a comic in which we must defeat the Army of Sharkness.  Mythical beasts unleashed by the evil wizard BoneGhoul in a plot to destroy planet earth.

My band is going to star in a comic in which we must defeat the Army of Sharkness.  Mythical beasts unleashed by the evil wizard BoneGhoul in a plot to destroy planet earth.

I have two books for sale.

And I am moving to a new home this week.  So I could really use all the money I can get!  You should buy these books and maybe tell your friends about my books.  Ya know, so I don’t go broke and starve and all that.

You can see my Amazon Author Profile here

An Introduction is a collection of prose and poetry 

Secrets for the Dark is a collection of erotic short fiction

Both books are only 3 dollars.

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We met in a bar, so you met the other me


But still, we get along famously and have built a relationship of sorts based on half truths and misconceptions.

We have date nights, where we both wear our fanciest clothes and we go out to dinner at the type of place that requires reservations.

After dinner we go on walks through our favorite park and when no one is looking we slip off the path and into the trees.  You pull me down to you by my tie and kiss me passionately as your other hand fishes me out of my pants.  I lift up your dress and we fuck just yards away from strolling strangers.

Sometimes we go into used book stores and find dimly lit corners where we kiss amongst piles of books.  You reach up and pull down a book of poetry and begin to read to me as I kiss down your neck and across your collarbone.  But then I get mad because I don’t even like poetry and I knock the book out of your hand and scream


I shove you to the ground and you look up at me with terror in your eyes

You see a look of shame and horror flash across my face as I realize what I have done but it is replaced almost immediately by anger and I walk out of the store, leaving you laying on the ground.

I come to you late that night reeking of booze and stale cigarette smoke and in my drunken stupor I have painstakingly scribbled out line after line of beautiful verse describing the intimate details of every single moment I have loved you.  

I explain to you just how empty my life would be if you left.  As if the sun had left the sky.  As if all color had abandoned the world and all had gone grey.  As if each painting had deserted its frame and left the walls of every museum bare.  As if every note played by every orchestra had gone flat.  As though every guitar in the world had went permanently out of tune.

And then I fall to my knees and I kiss your stomach and your hips.  You tangle your fingers in my hair and you whisper “never again”  And I repeat back to you as I undress you “never again” And I kiss you from head to toe and make you feel more alive than you could ever feel alone.  

We make love like oceans crashing against rocky shores and the moons shift to our tides as we devour each other and become one once again.

Even more than generic cliches

I hate pretentious attempts at empty eloquence 

You can not articulate meaningless verse 

in a striking or elegant manner 

All the perfect grammar and practiced technique 

means nothing unless you have something to say


Artist’s concept paintings depicting the American and Soviet spacecrafts in Earth orbit during the July 1975 Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission.

The first docking of spacecraft from two different nations happened on July 17, 1975. The American and Soviet ASTP crewmen visited each other’s spacecraft while Apollo and Soyuz were docked for two days. The docking system on the Docking Module and the docking system on the Soyuz Orbital Module are designed to interface with each other. 

Artists: Paul Fjeld (1-5), Davis Meltzer (6-8) and Robert McCall (9).

Source: NASA Human Spaceflight gallery

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Cross Examination

—Arson Party Squad


Cross Examination - Arson Party Squad

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Pretty sure I’m going to make a tumblr page and reblog everything that I think is fucking retarded because then I’ll get a million followers because everyone posts the stupidest fucking useless dumb shit.

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Set me free


I have no motivation to share anything real with any of you. My old haunts are becoming prison graveyards trapping all the ghosts of my past. I need a new release. A vacation away from this disease. Let’s all sing together. An army of voices crying out as one. When someone really loves you it changes the way you look at things. I’m ready to go.