The King of Thrash Justin Poole

I am the King of Thrash, Justin Poole. I write tales of love, life, lust and the occasional gunfight.
I am an explorer in a time with no frontiers

Always pick the best times

Drop everything that you’re doing.

Come on baby lets head for the road.

No need for saying that we’re sorry.

We’ve got places to go.

We’ll leave behind all our worries

tonight on the way to the show.


Could be the night, just like any other night where I want you more and more.  

And tonight just might be just right.  This might not be like any night before.

So will you take my hand?  Follow anywhere I go?

Will you tear down walls?  Will you break through doors?

Can I make you see that I need you to believe 

Can I make you see?  That I need just to be


Lets just, drop everything we’re doing

I think, we should hit the road

You know I’m bad at saying sorry

You know you make me lose control.

Missing you while I work

While Im gone I cant write too much about you because I am too distracted by missing you. Missing the way your eyes light up like rockets bursting over the ocean. Blue and white diamonds over an emerald sea. Exploding when you smile that smile you only smile for me. The way your lips say I love you without speaking a word. My mind has no time for rhymes when I am so hopelessly consumed by you

I hear the shower burst to life

Shes starting without me.

I walk into the bathroom and take in the sight before me

Standing under the water rubbing her hands over her body.  I am instantly aroused.

I open the door and step in with her.  She looks down at my hard cock and whispers in my ear

"Baby, I just got so turned on"

I grab her face and kiss her hard.  Our bodies collide beneath the shower head as steam rises all around us.

She melts into my hands as I take control.  I turn her around and face her towards the wall.  My hands roam across her tits and down her stomach.  Down her back and across her ass.  I move her hair to the side and begin kissing between her shoulders and up her neck.

She is putty in my hands,.

I reach between her legs and find her pussy already dripping wet.  Not from the shower but from my advances.  I play with her clit and slide a finger inside of her.

I begun rubbing my cock across her ass.  She steps back towards me and shakes her ass cheeks against my erection.  Up and down the crack of her ass I rub my cock before I begin slowly making my way inside.

She opens up and accepts me.

I push her up against the wall and inch by inch I make my way further into her.  I wrap one hand around her throat and grab the back of her head with the other as I begin thrusting upward.

Before long the passion takes over and she is bent over in front of me urging me on.

"Fuck my ass baby, fuck my tight asshole"

I start thrusting harder and harder.

She is moaning and shaking like an animal as I pummel her from behind.

She begs me to cum inside of her ass but I have other plans

I tell her to turn around and drop to her knees.

I stand over her.  Just out of reach.  Slowly stroking my cock above her face.  She reaches out with her tongue towards my balls as she fingers her pussy.  I increase my speed.  Faster and faster until without warning I explode across her face.  She pulls me closer and takes every blast.

As I empty my balls onto her she is leaning back into the tub rubbing her clit like a woman possessed.  She cums with my cock in her mouth and my cum still covering her face.

Tuesday I made love to my girlfriend while on LSD

To say it was magical would be an injustice.

A primal passion took over our bodies as we returned to our most basic and animalistic forms.  

Our bodies became intertwined as our souls connected and returned us to original creation.  

Two hearts and one soul

Power coursing through every inch of our body

All exposed nerves and instinctual energy flowing from one to the other.

One mind creating the ultimate pleasure.

One million Galaxies exploding into existence through our flesh.

And at the end we stood together naked and racing 

but calm and ready

looking out on the beginning of our new world.

You and I were made from the same star


A billion years ago

she exploded 

in a brilliant supernova 

outshining the entire galaxy.

Our stardust was expelled to the furthest reaches of the universe

and then collected into countless lifeforms 

across time and space.

And here now we find ourselves 

reunited eons later

a familiar collection of stardust.

You and I my love

were drawn to this place

created from the same star.


I bought a lace bodysuit. Best purchase ever.

This is my girlfriend


I bought a lace bodysuit. Best purchase ever.

This is my girlfriend